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Poached Egg on Mushroom and Camembert Toast

 poached egg 008
This one is for all the gadget lovers who are seeking the perfect poached egg.

Having spent many years trying to get a perfect poached egg, I investigated every thing from poaching directly in water to every poaching gadget and appliance on the market, including microwave poachers, electric poachers.  Never succeeded so I want to Thank my good friend Paulette who spoiled me again for my birthday. She found the perfect poacher.

poached egg 003

These PoachPods produce the Perfect Poached egg. They're even large enough that I can use a Jumbo egg that my husband prefers  just by allowing a bit more time to simmer. 

Poach pod Stainless

If you love poached eggs, but want a beyond simple way to make them, then check out these cool new poach pods.  Just boil some water, crack an egg into the nonstick interior, drop these floating stainless steel egg poachers in the water, cover the pot and in a few minutes out pops perfect poached eggs. Great solution.

poached egg 001

Here is a great recipe that can be a good and healthier change from the Egg Benedict.

poached egg 008

Poached Egg on Mushroom and Camembert toast
(serves 2)

1 teaspoon oil
1 Tablespoon butter

1 shallot minced

4 portabello mushrooms
1/4cup cream
2 slices of crusty bread
8 slices Camembert
2 poached eggs
sea salt
freshly ground black pepper

Chop the mushrooms.
Heat the butter and oil in pan and add shallot and cook a few minutes; add mushrooms and sauté until they lose some of their juices.

Stir in cream and cook a few minutes.
Toast the bread slices and arrange on individual plates. Top with creamy mushrooms and the cheese slices on top. Put in the oven until the cheese has just melted.

While they are in the oven, poach the eggs for 2 - 3 minutes depending on your preference, and lay them on top of the toasts, sprinkle with some freshly ground pepper and serve immediately.

Enjoy a new way of enjoying poached eggs.

Printable recipe


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I found out some of you who don’t have a Google account can’t print my recipes, so I am posting them in and hope this will work out better; please let me know. If my blogger friends have a better way of posting and printing recipes on your blog, I would be really happy to find your method; Google Drive is seems to be the culprit. Thanks.

Thank you for your visit, do you enjoy poached eggs as much as I do. Happy Holidays! and…

Happy Cooking!



  1. You got those cute pods:) C'est bon ces oeufs..

    Hope you had a nice Christmas Rita..

  2. Un bon petit déjeuner alléchant!!

    Joyeuses fêtes Rita:)

  3. Mmm - those eggs look delish! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  4. An ideal, beautiful looking breakfast!
    Those pods would be perfect gaget for me; I suck at poaching eggs :-(

  5. i have these must use them and this looks like a heavenly brunch

  6. Love the cute pods. I remember buying an expensive poaching pan with non-stick cups, and they still stuck, lol. Hope you had a Merry Christmas Rita and looking forward to seeing what you are up to next year!

  7. I've seen those little pods and wondered whether or not they would work. Now that I see your lovely breakfast, I will pick them up the next time I see them. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! :)

  8. Hope you had a glorious Christmas Rita. You sure have returned to blogging with style and grace. Kudos to YOU!

    Love the gadget and the recipe. I may just be serving myself and Marion these poached eggs for New Year's Day!
    Thank you so much for sharing...

  9. You are right this is definitely an excellent way to poach an egg or two, and a lighter version of a classic.

  10. Rita these little egg nests are just perfect for poaching them and this is a perfect dish for a festive breakfast or brunch!

  11. What a wonderful gift! Poached eggs are tricky to make but are one of my favorite ways of eating eggs, especially on a nice piece of whole wheat toast. Love your mushroom and Camembert version!

  12. Wonderful little gadget! Your breakfast looks delicious . Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you a Happy New Year.

  13. This looks so good! Perfect for a holiday breakfast. Happy New Year!!!

  14. Beautifully prepared poached eggs are always a challenge. We have an egg poacher, which does a fine job, but it's in the house up north. Love these and I have room for them in this little kitchen :)

    Wishing you and your family a healthy and happy new year Rita. So glad you are blogging again. I missed you!

  15. Hi, Sage..:)
    I am not much of an egg eater but Mr. Sweet enjoys a poached egg almost every morning. He just does his in the microwave.

    hugs and good wishes for a wonderful New Year. :)

  16. Wow, what lovely gadget! Have not seen this before!
    Your poached eggs on mushroom looks really delicious! I would not mind having this for my breakfast!
    Wish you and your family A Blessed and Wonderful 2013!
    Happy New Year!

  17. The strangest thing. I know I'm following you because I can see my name on the "follow." However your blog doesn't show up on my Blogger dashboard reading list. I have no idea why it doesn't show up like all of the other blogs I follow. Has this happened to others?

    But good news, I fixed it. There is an "add" button and I copied your URL into it and now you in my reading list. Being determined paid off. Mission accomplished.

  18. Poached is my favorite way to eat an egg , What a handy little would make a great gift!

  19. I never have my eggs poached at home and yet, it's my favorite way to eat them. I order them when I am out. Looks like a wonderful gadget. Yummy toast too.

  20. I really like the poached eggs! I wish you and your family a Happy New Year!

  21. Poached eggs are my favorite and I prepare them often. I love these little gadgets because I wouldn't have to worry about breaking the yolks. I'll look for them the next time I'm in Sur la Table. Great tip, thanks Rita.

  22. Poached Eggs were often for breakfast - while growing up. I haven't made them in a long time. Happy New Year to you and your family, Rita!

  23. Looks like the perfect breakfast!
    Hope you had a lovely holiday...and Happy New Year!

  24. Complimenti per questa ricetta, dev'essere buona e gustosa! Un abbraccio e buon anno

  25. love poached eggs look delicious!


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